5 Foundations of a Productive Supplier Chain

The supply chain is a complex process with a lot of moving parts which can make it a challenge to manage. Business success will rely on a productive supply chain, so it is important for companies to be aware of the key foundations for a productive supply chain. When you are aware of these foundations, it allows the business to identify areas which could be improved which could have a big impact on the entire supply chain. So, what are these key foundations for a productive supply chain? Read on to find out and how you make improvements to your processes:

1. Communication

Perhaps the key foundation to a productive supply chain is efficient communication. Expectations, strategies, goals, and updates all need to be communicated with both staff and suppliers so that everyone is on the same page. Efficient communication is possible through technology (more on this to come) but also through regular meetings to keep everyone updated and engaged with the task at hand.

2. Technology, Software & Equipment

Technology, software, and equipment are vital to success in many areas of business, particularly in the supply chain. New equipment for the warehouse can streamline the operation and reduce errors while software can be used to manage operations, reduce costs and offer insights through performance data. B2B supplier portals from places like can drive procurement efficiency, improve supplier communication with individual suppliers, and automate key tasks – essential for a productive supply chain.

3. Training

The supply chain is, ultimately, powered by the workforce, so it is important that staff are highly trained and their key skills are utilised. Develop a powerful training program to boost productivity and to make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities and how it impacts the chain. Additionally, if you are able to offer staff progression opportunities and keep morale high, then they will continue to perform to a high level and to stay with the business.

4. Transparency

Having complete transparency, or a glass pipe, throughout the supply chain is also essential for productivity as everything is connected. Having transparency throughout the entire process can make it easier to spot issues/bottlenecks and for accountability. Everything is connected, so it is important that everything is always visible to those involved with the supply chain.

5. Collaboration

The supply chain is a complex process that involves numerous individuals and businesses. Naturally, when this many people are involved, it means that collaboration is important. You may have ideas for how to improve efficiency, but you cannot force this onto people so work together to come to the best solutions – by listening to others, you may come up with ideas that you had not thought of previously.

These are the key foundations of a productive supply chain. As such a complicated process which involves a lot of different people, it can be hard to control without the right knowledge and people in place. Fortunately, there are different ways that you can gain control and to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing and is pulling in the same direction.