Marketing Grin is a full service digital marketing agency. We run integrated digital marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of different industries, typically for medium to large sized companies and apply clear strategic thinking. Our purpose is to find solutions and discover opportunities that will deliver winning positions and superior returns, putting together strategically aligned  campaigns that are audience led helping you to achieve your marketing objectives and business goals.

We build websites that not only look great and are user friendly and fully responsive, working on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers, but provide companies with online business solutions. The websites have a clear business focus with a clearly defined user journey that guides them through the buying cycle. We set-up KPIs to track visitors, engagement levels, interaction and micro and macro conversions.

Once built, websites are promoted through a variety of different online marketing channels in order to deliver the best returns. Our core services are:

  • Analytics & Insight
  • Biddable media
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Design & Development


Company Journey

Marketing Grin was started by Jack Willis in March 2009. As a successful affiliate marketer, Jack wanted to help companies achieve success online and Marketing Grin was born.

Marketing Grin began focusing simply on directing targeted traffic to clients’ websites specialising in SEO and PPC. Analytics soon followed with clients’ wanting to analyse the success of their campaigns more than looking at the ranking gains.

With time, the SEO industry evolved and moved away from manual link building and social media and blogger outreach became essential when ranking sites and they were proving to be a successful way of building brand awareness and generating sales leads. This led to us offering social media to our repertoire.

Our focus was always on the promotion of websites, we never used to build websites. We found that clients’ were coming to us with websites that looked great but focused purely around the design with no consideration for their promotion and few call to actions were in place which made reporting difficult as desired KPIs couldn’t be tracked. Although we could modify the sites, retrofitting online sales pipelines and conversion tracking is difficult without it adversely effecting design and often call to actions were pushed to the bottom of the page, where they are rarely actioned. Realising that there was a need to create websites that not only looked great but provided an online business solution, we added website design and development to our services.

More clients wanted their call to action to link directly into their CRM systems to save time transferring data. We began integrating a lot of CRM systems into sites and getting involved with their customisation as clients wanted greater automation with email alerts and the reporting of more KPIs. Understanding the trend, we added CRM integration and customisation to our inventory.

Call tracking was added soon after so that we could offer clients a website with a user journey that could be fully tracked.