Website Analytics and Insight

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We use website analytics and insight to report, refine and optimise your digital marketing campaigns to deliver an improved  user journey. We utilise a selection of tools to audit, report and analyse data which  helps us to plan, execute and refine our digital strategies so that we can deliver the best results.

Accurate performance data and a good analytics and insights team that can effectively analyse and validate the data is essential. To optimise the buying journey and convert more visitors into long-standing customers requires an understanding of your market, where your traffic is coming from, how the different channels are working together, which campaigns and channels are the most effective and where improvements can be made.

We provide a customised top level reporting dashboard to each client that reports on your campaigns performance in real time and will typically include visitors, conversions, conversion value, assisted conversion and revenue date for each channel. We deliver this with detailed analysis of the data and the tasks completed helping to give you an insight into the channel and overall digital marketing performance.

We also offer:

  • Cross-channel attribution modelling
  • Bespoke data analysis projects
  • Analysis on the effect of offline channels on online performance
  • Conversion path analysis and optimisation
  • A/B Split testing


Why choose Marketing Grin for your website analytics and insight?

We use a range of analytics and insight tools to analyse data and with our experience, we put together useful insight and recommendations on how to improve.

We run fully integrated analytic and insight campaigns or provide consultancy for those that prefer to do their own digital marketing. For more information on how we can help you, speak to one of our experts today.