We use social media to deliver increased visibility, reach and brand awareness, build authority and to bring positive sentiment towards your brand. We use it to engage with clients and prospects and to promote your brand. This helps to build trust which is vital to gaining long standing, loyal customers.

Social media has changed the way people interact with one another and businesses like yours. It has given many people an online voice and companies the opportunity to build positive relationships with customers and prospects. Used effectively, it is the perfect marketing channel to promote your brand in a direct and interactive way and is an absolutely essential part of your digital marketing plan.

By integrating social media with other online marketing channels, you are able to leverage information that plays a significant part in the buying cycle. It is an effective way to index website content faster and to increase the visibility of new content which in turn can be shared online. This not only improves your reach but it helps to build natural links and improve organic search rankings.

You can use information that customers and prospects share online to produce more targeted and effective campaigns. You can also use it to promote great content that engages users and helps them to build confidence in your brand and move them along the buying cycle. This helps you to convert prospects into long standing, loyal customers.


Why choose Marketing Grin for your social media?

We apply a proven strategy that is audience led and incorporates a range of marketing channels. Our approach is data driven with KPIs set out for the , act, convert and engage stages. Being a small social media agency in Essex, we offer a personal, tailored service that matches your requirements and achieves your business goals.

We run fully integrated social media campaigns, onsite and platform audits, social media policy development and crisis management. We provide social media training and consultancy for those that prefer to run their social media campaigns in-house. For more information on how we can help you, speak to one of our experts today.