Online Reputation Management

We use online reputation management to help bring positive sentiment to your brand online. Social media and online forums are great for expanding reach, promoting content and interacting and engaging with customers and prospects however they do open the door to disgruntled customers voicing their complaints online. Comments, reviews and opinions that are easily posted on the internet can make or break a brand. Online reputation management helps to maintain a positive sentiment towards your brand.

Despite your best efforts, from time to time there will be customers that have an issue with your product or service, the important thing is how you handle these. Companies have a tendency to take complaints to heart and don’t always manage them in the best way causing an issue to quickly escalate. Our online reputation management service helps you to find negative reviews allowing you to address them and puts clear guidelines in place on how to respond and manage them so that you can minimise the impact and maintain a positive sentiment towards your brand.


Why choose Marketing Grin?

We apply a proven strategy that is audience led and aligned with your business needs, helping you to manage complaints effectively and maintain a positive sentiment.

We run fully integrated online reputation management, platform audits, social media policy development, crisis management and consultancy for those that prefer to run their online reputation management campaigns in-house. For more information on how we can help you, speak to one of our experts today.