AdWords: Display or search network?

What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is an online advertising network where advertisers can display ads on sites that are part of the Google network. The Google network is split into 2 sections; the search network and the display network. The search network allows advertisers to run contextual ads on a group of search related sites that are part of the Google network. The display network allows advertisers to run contextual, image, rich media and video ads on all other non-search related sites that are part of the Google network including: YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and other sites that have signed up to AdSense.

Why is it a great advertising medium?
Google AdWords is a highly effective advertising method due to 3 key reasons: it has a global reach, it is highly targeted and it allows you to accurately track your advertising campaigns. Google AdWords offers a variety of different charging models including cost per click (CPC), where you only pay when your ad is clicked on and cost per mille (CPM) where you pay per thousand impressions. You are able to set the cost of the advert by entering your maximum bid and therefore it is available to the smallest companies all the way through to the largest companies.

Which network is better?
Which Google AdWords network is better for you all depends on what your advertising objectives are. The search network is more suitable if you want to run a direct response campaign because users are specifically searching for your product or service and therefore you are fulfilling a demand. The Google display network is more suitable if you want to run a brand awareness campaign because your ads run on targeted sites that are related to your product or service. As you can you image and video ads, they are ideal for generating demand.

The display network is also a great way of increasing conversion rates through its remarketing tool. Remarketing is where advertisers’ ads are shown to users once they have visited the advertisers’ sites. The user is more likely to buy from you if they see your ad afterwards or you can use the remarketing tools to advertise new products lines particular offers.

The search network tends to deliver better returns on investment and therefore it is recommended to begin with the search network. To gain the best results though, you will utilise both networks. This will ensure a good return on investment and great brand exposure.