The Best Software for 2019

Within the world of business and commerce, software has become some of the most important add-ons to make companies thrive. That’s because their goal is to streamline – to make more efficient – all of your business practices. They’ll achieve this in a number of ways, but ultimately they’ll be automating a number of tasks that you’d otherwise have to waste time and money employing numerous individuals to do. This article walks you through the kinds of software packages that are going to be providing that cutting edge in 2019 – and why you should consider onboarding them to your business.

Accounting and Sales Data

All companies will have their incoming and outgoings, and they’ll have some system with which to monitor how their cash flow is operating. But with smarter insights, reached through software packages that in real time analyse your financial health, your company will find itself more dynamic and responsive. The best of these systems can be integrated with your staff pay systems and even your business loan details,taking away much of the headache from your financial work. It’s going to continue its integral importance into 2019.


The world of cyber security is only projected to continue its rise as we head towards 2019 and beyond. That’s because the digital world has developed a number of severe digital threats that can visit any company – large or small. Check out the packages and suites offered at to see what kind of software you should onboard into your IT systems for 2019 in order to protect yourself against the wide array of security threats that exist in the digital landscape. From data protection to the overall efficient running of your different IT suites, it would seem essential to have the most up-to-date cyber security software at hand in your business.


A centralised, monitored and well-run communications system helps global companies expand their reach, communicating instantaneously across the world. It’s important for your business to remain at the cutting edge by making sure your communications systems are the best you can get. Software that manages your communications will back up your data without putting it at risk of interception or mining, which means you’ll be able to access your files remotely while at the same time guaranteeing the privacy of your communications, whether internally or externally.

Improve communication by investing in:

  • Skype
  • Workplace
  • RingCentral

Creative Software

Even a company far away from the creative industries can profit from onboarding some creative software. After all, it’s on platforms such as Adobe that your marketing output and your brand are developed and refined to make them as beautiful, professional and trustworthy as possible. This is not to say that every computer in your office should be adorned with beautiful creative programs. It’s only your creative individuals who’ll need access to them. But if you like to manage marketing and branding in-house, then it’s imperative that you’re using some of the swankiest, best-made creative software on the market as we head towards 2019.

Other creative software to use include:

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Moo
  • Gravit
  • Piktochart

These four areas of software should be on your Christmas list as we head into 2019 – helping your company remain at the forefront in your given industry.