Why you need SEO

The world of business has quickly evolved with the introduction of the internet. Now at least half of the developed world has access to the internet and 90% of people find sites through search engines, predominantly Google, which drives online purchases. Online allows businesses to have a global reach at a fraction of the cost of normal businesses. It is not surprising then that online is growing at 40% each year in the UK.

Companies cannot afford to have a low search engine ranking and this is why search engine optimisation or SEO is important. SEO is the modification of internal and external aspects of websites to achieve a top search engine ranking for specific keywords. SEO is widely accepted as having massive economic benefits. 21 billion web pages battle for search engine supremacy.

Search engine ranking

It is important for your web site to be seeded highly in the major search engines. The higher your search engine ranking for relevant keywords and phrases, the more visitors your site will have and, presuming a good conversion rate, the more sales you will receive. Achieving a search engine ranking in Google is not simple; there are over 200 factors that determine search rankings.

Have you started SEO on your website?