How to Create the Perfect Home Page for Your Website

Marketing Grin - Website Development Checklist

When you develop a website, your home page is probably the most important page on your site. It’s your website’s shop window and viewing your website’s home page is usually the first contact many online visitors have with your organisation. Below are some tips you can use to create the perfect home page.

Clean Design

Your website should have a clean design like the UAV Air website has (see below).


When a website is not cluttered, it is much easier for visitors to read your content and find the information they are looking for. Navigation is also a key issue. Your home page is a gateway to the rest of your website. Make sure you have an easy-to-navigate menu system that links to all of the main web pages on your website.

Home Page Structure

Different home page structures work for different businesses. However, there are certain components you need to include in every home page. You should include all of your contact details, relevant images, information about your business and the products you provide, your business updates and any other information you think needs to be seen instantly by customers.

Don’t Cut Corners

Your website tells your visitors a lot about the organisation that owns it. Never cut corners and always ensure that your website looks professional and fresh. The use of high resolution images, professional videos and well written sales copy will go a long way towards impressing potential shoppers and customers.

Test and Track

Your website’s home page is not set in stone and you can change it at any time. All of the leading online businesses understand the importance of testing and tracking and you should follow their lead. These organisations continually change images, headlines, calls to actions, colours and every other component of a website’s home page, to see what works and converts the most website visitors into shoppers, customers and subscribers.

Make Seasonal Changes

Testing and tracking is not the only reason you should be modifying your website. There are times of the year when a website’s home page should reflect a seasonal event that’s taking place. The most common seasonal events you should prepare your home page for include Christmas, the January sales, Easter, Halloween and any other important occasions that take place in your area. Making some simple changes will transform your website into a more welcoming place for website visitors at these times of the year and is a clear indication that you care about those who visit your website.

Lead Capture

Everyone who visits a website is a potential shopper or customer. However, the vast majority of online visitors view a website for a short period of time and you never see them again. A lead capture facility can address this problem. You simply add a form to your home page that asks your website visitors for their contact details. Once they submit these details, you can build a relationship with them and promote offers using email.

The success of a website often depends on its home page. All of the factors above need to be seriously considered, so that your home page delivers the results you are hoping for.