Getting your site to the top of Google for local searches

The internet has revolutionised everyday life. Most people use the internet several times a day to do things like sending emails or buying clothes and groceries. A lot of people spend several hours a day on Facebook chatting to friends and family. In fact 95% of people research products online before they buy them and more and more people are buying products online rather than buying products in shops.

The internet is so popular because it is convenient and most in most cases, cheaper. It also provides the opportunity for people to interact who liver thousands of miles apart completely free. The internet is huge and is only going to get bigger.

From a business point of view, the internet is a great place to promote your products and services and generate sales and sales leads. There are 3 key points that separate search marketing to traditional advertising methods; reach, relevance and reporting.

Search marketing allows you to promote your services to a huge audience and an audience that is far greater than any other advertising medium. By advertising online you are able to reach millions of people very easily at an affordable price. This is not possible with other advertising mediums.

With search marketing, users are actively searching for your product or service and therefore you a fulfilling a demand rather than generating it like you do with other advertising mediums. Conversion rates are therefore significantly higher.

As everything is electronic, you are able to measure the success of seo campaigns very easily and far better than other advertising mediums. This allows you to measure a clear return on investment and justify your ad spend.