Meta Tags: What They are and How To Use Them

Marketing Grin - Link building with content marketing

The best way to build links for SEO is to set-up an effective content marketing strategy and aligning it with social and biddable media. Doing this, you will be promoting your business naturally, increasing reach and driving qualified traffic to your site, whilst also improving valuable links that will improve your organic search rankings, helping you to further expand reach and driving more qualified traffic to your site. (more…)

We are a digital marketing agency in Essex and use a blend of digital channels to help brands reach their target audience, increase visibility and drive qualified traffic to their site. When on the site, we use a carefully planned user journey to guide visitors through the buying cycle and help convert prospects into long-standing customers.

Using a blend of digital marketing disciplines to reach prospects, spread your message, increase brand awareness and direct qualified visitors to your site.  We get visitors to act by downloading resources or marketing material, and interact with your posts by commenting or sharing them online. We help users convert through carefully planned micro or macro conversions and keep them engaged and in the sales pipeline so that your customers remain happy, long-term customers, achieving your business needs.


Our digital marketing services

We start with a careful discovery process where we learn about your buying cycle and how your audience finds, consumes and buys content, products and services and with this information we put together a carefully planned digital strategy with clearly defined KPIs.

Analytics & Insight

We use a combination of top level and lower level reporting software to give an overview of progress and to drill down and analyse what is happening and why, understanding market trends.

Biddable Media

We use a combination of paid media platforms including paid search social advertising, display and remarketing to promote content and drive qualified traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

We use content marketing to generate targeted traffic, better engagement, improved reach, brand authority and increased sales.

Search Marketing

We use a combination of search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search advertising (PPC) to put together integrated search strategies that increase reach and drive qualified traffic to your site

Social Media

We use social platforms to increase visibility, promote content, interact with prospects and customers, build authority and to bring positive sentiment to your brand.

Website design and Development

We build fully responsive websites for B2B and B2C businesses that are audience focused and guide users through the buying cycle both on e-Commerce and lead generation sites, helping companies achieve their marketing objectives and business needs with clearly defined KPIs to measure engagement, interaction and micro and macro conversions.


Alt text tags, short for alternate text, helps to make your site more accessible to users and the search engines, and forms part of onsite SEO. It is a simple piece of HTML code that describes the image and displays when an image hasn’t been displayed correctly, either because it is still loading, images are set not to display automatically (emails for example) or there is a problem causing it not to display.


Onsite SEO forms the foundations of an organic search campaign with meta tags essential to the onsite optimisation. Search engine optimisation is an essential element of a digital strategy with most traffic coming via organic search. An effective SEO campaign will help you to increase reach significantly and drive qualified traffic to your site. While most of the SEO weighting is geared towards link building, unless the onsite elements are optimised and search friendly, it will become increasingly difficult to rank well.