The Benefits of Great Website Content

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Having great website content is essential to any effective digital marketing campaign and helps to improve reach, engagement and conversion rates. Once you have reached out and got qualified traffic to your site, you want to make sure that they are engaged and you want to nurture that user so that they act and action one of your call to actions (CTAs), entering into the buying cycle. This is achieved by designing a carefully planned user journey that is full of great website content. 

Here at Marketing Grin, we define our digital marketing objectives with a simple 4 point model, putting strategies in place to achieve each point with clearly defined KPIs:

  • Reach – how you are going to increase brand awareness, website visits and visits to your blog, social media pages and apps
  • Act – how you are going to increase interaction, be it downloading resources or commenting on blog posts
  • Convert – how you are going to convert leads into sales
  • Engage – how you are going to increase engagement so that your customers remain happy, long-term customers so that you generate plenty of repeat sales

We use a variety of different digital marketing disciplines to achieve this but great website content that excites and delights our clients’ target audience is at the heart of it.

Marketing Grin's Online Buying Cycle

Great Website Content Increases Reach

Integrating SEO, social media, content marketing and email marketing together, we create great website content which your audience will find interesting and valuable. We share this content on social media networks and newsletters which helps to increase readership. As the content is interesting and valuable to the readers, some choose to share it online helping to increase reach. This also help to build natural links which will help to improve organic rankings in search engines, further improving reach.


Great Website Content Increases Action and Conversions

Now that you have improved your reach and got new, qualified visitors to your site, you want them to act by commenting, sharing and actioning one of your call to actions, thus entering into the buying cycle. By having great content, they will find it valuable and want to gain further information either by posting a question to your blog, signing up to your newsletter, following you on social media etc..


Great Website Content Keeps Users Engaged

Some new visitors will be ready to buy straight away and will action your primary CTA, others won’t be but will still be of value to you. By getting them to subscribe to newsletter, you have got them to enter into the buying cycle. It is now up to you to write great content and nurture them through and help to get them ready to purchase. Ideally you want to separate your leads into buying persona’s and send out specific content to nurture that persona through. You may also have a negative persona’s, the bad apples that you want to avoid either because they are unobtainable or they cost to much the reach.


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