Content Strategy

We use the content strategy to plan and execute your content marketing campaign effectively to generate targeted traffic, better engagement, improve reach, brand authority and to increase sales. The content audit reviewed and identified new opportunities to better your competitor and the content strategy provides a strategic roadmap that you need to achieve your content marketing and business goals.

It clearly maps out your plan of action providing you with a topic structure, format, audience groups to target, social and marketing plan to promote your content and KPIs to track performance. We will provide you with:

  • Audience Personas – in your buying cycle there will be difference different audiences. Some are ready to buy whereas some are not but maybe later down the line and may be able to help you broaden your reach. Clear audience personas that you can aim your content at will help with tone of voice and messaging allowing your content to be more effective
  • Content Channel Plan – it is important to understand what channels you will use to bring traffic to your site and where they will enter so that you can have a clear user journey mapped out with clearly defined KPIs, helping you to improve conversions and making it easier to create great content
  • Content Calendar – a clearly defined content calendar that is vital for content creation will be written that covers reach, actions, conversions and engagement allowing you to maximise returns


Why choose Marketing Grin?

We apply a proven strategy that is audience led and based around your business needs, and incorporating a range of marketing channels. Our approach is data driven with KPIs set out for each stage of the ‘reach, act, convert and engage’ stages.

We run fully integrated content marketing campaigns or for those that prefer to write their own content, we can provide consultancy to help in-house teams become self-sufficient. For more information on how we can help you, speak to one of our experts today.