We use a content audit to find out how effective your current content is on your site and how it is meeting the needs of your audience. It is absolutely vital if you are to get the best returns from your digital marketing strategy as you can’t move forward with your content marketing unless you know where you currently are.

Most companies spend a huge amount of time and effort in generating and driving targeted traffic to their site. If the onsite experience is wrong, conversions will be low and opportunities will be missed and that’s why we do a detailed content audit, covering a wide range of criteria, to give you the information to move forward.

During our content audit, we assess:

  • Your buying cycle
  • Reach and search behaviour
  • The best performing pages
  • Page structure, content and writing quality
  • User journey
  • Whether it meets the needs of your audience
  • Meets your business and strategic needs
  • Meets the needs of the search engines
  • How it compares to your competitors

Why choose Marketing Grin for your content audit?

The content audit that we will produce will allow you to put together a content strategy where you can plan for future content, improve and optimise current content that meets your audience and business needs and helps generate and convert prospects into customers.

To find out how Marketing Grin can help you, talk to one of our experts today.