How Website Functionality Increases Sales

Functionality banner

Website functionality is very important and helps to keep users engaged and moves them through the buying cycle helping you to convert prospects into loyal customers. Poor functionality will cause visitors to be less engagement and increased chance of users clicking off without converting and therefore reducing sales.


Clear Goal

Every website should have a clear goal. In most cases this is to sell or to generate sales leads. Think about your call to actions CTAs carefully and create a a clearly defined user journey that takes them through the buying cycle.


Consider who your Audience is

The functionality and tone of voice of your site will vary depending on who your intended audience is.


Easy to Navigate

Sites should be easy to navigate. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find what you are looking for and users tend to be impatient. Unless they can find what they are looking for quickly, they click off and go to a competitor.



Knowing where you are on a site is important and aids navigation. A simple breadcrumb structure will help with this.

Website breadcrumb example


Easy to Remember URL

Domain names and URLs should be simple and easy to remember to make sharing them easier. Keeping URLs in lower case and simplify them where you can. It is an old best practise method but still an important one.

Example URL


Consistant Layout

Consistancy is an important part of branding but it also improves the user experience too. A consistant layout makes it easier to find what you are lloking for


Responsive Design

Your site needs to be fully responsive and work across all platforms. If it isn’t rankings will be reduced and the user experience will be effected


Landing Page Relevancy

There needs to be a clear buying journey where there is a landing page for each product or service which you can use multi-channel marketing to promote it


Load Time

People are impatient so if your load times are slow, people often won’t wait and will bounce


Call to Actions on Landing Pages

The website is a business tool and call to actions are users to get users to enter into the buying cycle where you can use further marketing channels to help convert them

Primary and secondary call to action examples

Clear Messaging

Your offering needs to be clear otherwise people won’t understand it and you will be missing out on opportunities


USPs Clearly Identifiable

This helps people to enter into the buying cycle


Social Media Buttons

Social media is great for interacting with clients and prospects alike and having clearly displayed social buttons helps users find your social sites

Social media buttons example


Social Sharing

Encouraging users to share content by including social sharing buttons is a great way of building natural links and improving organic search rankings

Social sharing example


Phone Number on Landing Page

Your phone number should be clearly visible so that you can be contacted. A common usability complaint is that website visitors can’t find the telephone number

Telephone number example


If you have any questions about website functionality, write a comment below and I will answer it as quickly as I can. For more free digital marketing advise, signup to our newsletter.